i-Tree Streets: Keeping it Simple, Affordable and Useful

Have you wanted to complete a street tree inventory in your community, but have been a bit nervous about trying to learn new software?  Choosing the correct tools to use for data collection, archiving and analysis can be a daunting task.  Well, over the past few years, the i-Tree Streets tool has undergone many modifications to make it simple to install on your computer, easy to use in the field for collecting information and even easier to analyze the data and produce results that can be used to tell a story about the street trees in your community. Keep reading to learn more about the upcoming workshop, ”i-Tree Streets: Keeping it Simple, Affordable and Useful”.

Many cooperators and partners have been asking for a workshop that could present the basics of how a community could utilize i-Tree Streets as the software tool to assist in the completion of a tree inventory in their city or town.  They asked that it focus on the basics of how to install the software, how to use it in the field and how to produce useful analyses.  these requests for a basic introductory insturcitona session that can get a user up to speed and able to use the software when they complete the training session  have been numerous.  In an attempt to respond to this need, the Massachusetts Dept. of Conservation & Recreation Urban Forestry Program, in conjunction with UNRI have planned a special workshop that can be attended in person, or via the web.  This live, interactive session will feature focused instruction on how to obtain, install and use the i-Tree Streets software.  It can be viewed from the convenience of your own office, home or other location via the Internet.  It is intended to provide participants with the ability to attend the session and then immediately be comfortably able to use the software in a productive and confident manner.

So, please plan to attend the April 4, 2012 UNRI Webcast session “i-Tree Streets: Keeping it Simple, Affordable and Useful” featuring David Bloniarz, USDA Forest Service, Mollie Freilicher, MA Department of Conservation and Recreation, and Anne Cumming of the USDA Forest Service. This webcast will cover a series of topics including:

  • i-Tree Streets basics
  • Download, install and understand the software components
  • Using a PDA or handheld GPS unit
  • How to use the new pest detection feature, IPED
  • Analyzing and reporting data using i-Tree Streets.

Attendees will learn what equipment is compatible with i-Tree, how to incorporate GIS information into Streets, and how to use i-Tree Streets to conduct an inventory—from selecting and customizing fields for collection to importing inventory data from a PDA or other device into i-Tree Streets for analysis. Attendees will leave with an understanding of the tools needed to conduct a tree inventory in their community using i-Tree Streets.

Added Feature:  In-Person Networking Session
Also, in addtition to the web portion of the workshop, there will be an in-person “Street Tree Inventory Networking Session” that will immediately follow the webcast for those able to travel to Springfield, Massachusetts.  This networking opportunity will include the opportunity for indifviutals to share their experiences, issues and stories related to conducting inventories in their communities.  The session will be informal in nature, and include casual facliliation by Mollie and David.  In addition, a complementary lunch will be provided to the attendees of the networking session.

Details for the “i-Tree Streets: Keeping it Simple, Affordable and Useful” webcast and networking session follow here:

PLEASE NOTE: PRE-REGISTRATION for the webcast and networking session is REQUIRED.
See below for registration link.

Date: April 4, 2011
Webcast Times: Webcast 9:00 AM – 12:00 Noon (Eastern)
Join via your computer using connection information found below
Networking Session: 12:00 Noon – 1:30 PM (Eastern)
Location: Forest Park Conference Room, Forest Park, Sumner Avenue, Springfield, MA


Pre-Register by visiting or Click Here.


New Audio Connection Feature - VoIP Access
This webcast will feature audio via both telephone and VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), meaning that you either dial-up via your telephone, or use your computer for voice and audio connections.  It is advisable to use a headset if you use VoIP, for the best listening environment.  Please note that Macintosh and iPad users will need to use the toll free telephone dial-up to connect to this web session, since the LiveMeeting client software does not yet support VoIP on the Macintosh platform.

For users who are on Macintosh computers or do not have headsets or computer speakers and micropone

Freephone/Toll Free Number
Access Code: 1117026


  1. Copy this address and paste into your web browser:
  2. Copy and paste the required information:
    Meeting ID: MR7TS9
Note: If you cannot enter the meeting, contact support.

For all webcasts, the telephone and internet connections are available beginning 15 minutes to the start of the call.  Society of American Foresters CFE units and International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) CEUs are awarded for attending this webcast session. This session is planned to last 1-hour.

Important: Please check your browser’s compatibility prior to the webcast by clicking here and logging in via the NetMeeting page. Once you complete these steps, you will be ready to join the conference on the day of the presentation.

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