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i-Tree STREETS Online Instructional Workshop – April 20th, 1:00 PM (Eastern)

Join us for a Monthly Series from the i-Tree Development Team

The next workshop will be held Wednesday, April 20, 2016 1:00 PM (Eastern)  

i-Tree STREETS: 

Join us for a comprehensive web-based instructional series that will introduce the latest tools in the i-Tree software suite, as well as bring you up to date on the improvements that have been made to the i-Tree collection of inventory, analysis and reporting tools for urban and community forests. i-Tree is a state-of-the-art, peer-reviewed software suite from the USDA Forest Service, and its partners, that provides urban forestry analysis and benefits assessment tools.

i-Tree STREETS an easy-to-use, computer-based program that allows any community to conduct and analyze a street tree inventory. Baseline data can be used to effectively manage the resource, develop policy and set priorities. Using a sample or an existing inventory of street trees, this software allows managers to evaluate current benefits, costs, and management needs.

PRE-REGISTRATION is required for the session in order to provide the most streamlined user experience.

Northern Research Station
United States Department of Agriculture
USDA Forest Service


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