October 27th Webcast Planned – Estimating Tree Health

Please plan to join us for the October 2010 UNRI Informational Webcast, Estimating Tree Health: A Better Way”, scheduled for Wednesday, October 27, 2010, 11:00 AM (Eastern) with Jerry Bond, PhD., Vice-President, Urban Forestry, LLC., Naples, NY. This webcast¬† will present a new and innovative method for examining a tree’s health.¬† Based on extensive field work and research, this presentation offers a simple but effective method for estimating the biological health of urban trees. Six categorical choices are made for different aspects of the tree crown, resultingin a portrait of the tree’s level of net primary production (NPP)–i.e., its ability to produce what is needed to resist stress. This webcast will be useful to anyone interested in a rapid but analytic analysis of this important quality of our urban and community forests.

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