Webcast Planned Sept. 16th – Geospatial Data 101

“Understanding Urban Natural Resources: A Closer Look at Geospatial Data”
Wednesday, September 16th, 1:00 PM (Eastern)

One of the most useful tools that is available to urban natural resource managers, policy makers, researchers and planners is geospatial information, which can be used to examine the structure, function and value of the resources found in a city or town, county, state or region. Today, the availability of information and data is unprecedented and the tools that can be used to assess, analyze, and present this information are becoming simpler to use, affordable and can tell a story in a images, graphics and maps.

This informational webcast, to be presented by Dr. David Nowak and Phillip Rodbell, USDA Forest Service, is designed to present a dynamic, interactive overview of the latest tools that are being used to prepare timely, accurate and easy to understand reports on the natural resources found in a community or region. Also, sources of information and datasets will be outlined, as well as how this information can be used to address your assessment, analysis or management needs. Also, i-Tree Vue, a new, interactive tool for data analysis and reporting will be introduced.

This webcast will serve as an introduction to the primer and its potential as a resource for communities that are striving to create more sustainable natural resource management programs.

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Connection Details for September 16th Webcast Session @ 1:00 PM (Eastern)

Telphone Dial-up Toll Free Number: 800-988-9485
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Conference Number: PW8825489
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