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The Road to a Thoughtful Street Tree Master Plan

One of the most popular and informative UNRI webcasts, presented thus far in 2009, was the session on Street Tree Planning”, by Dr. Gary Johnson, Ph.D., University of Minnesota, Extension Professor.¬† The webcast introcuced an exciting, new publication, “The Road to a Thoughtful Street Tree Master Plan“, which¬† was co-authored by Ken Simons, a landscape architect, and Dr. Johnson, a professor of urban forestry, as a primer and guide of sorts for communities that have the opportunity to develop or change, yet may not have the expertise or background to do it effectively.

This webcast replay provides an introduction to the new publication and its potential as a resource for communities that are striving to create more resilient street tree designs and programs.

The webcast is now available for online replay, or download, at The presentation provides an interesting and informative review of the latest research related to soils, root growth and tree survivability.

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