UNRI Webcast, March 18th – An Urban Forest Under Attack: ALB in Worcester, Massachusetts

“An Urban Forest Under Attack: Asian Longhorned Beetle in Worcester, Massachusetts will feature Ken Gooch, MA Dept. of Conservation and Recreation and Clint McFarland, USDA, APHIS, who will provide an overview of the control and eradication program that is currently underway in this Massachusetts community of 152,000 residents. These experts, who are currently directing the field work related to the ALB initiative in Worcester, will provide a review of the response undertaken thus far, and will provide an outlook of the upcoming efforts to control and eradicate this serious pest. This outbreak is considered serious on a regional scale, since it has the potential to impact over 600,000 host trees in Worcester County. The webcast session is scheduled for Wednesday, March 18th at 11:00 AM (Eastern). The webcast connection and telephone dial up details follow here.

March 18th Internet Log-in and Telephone Dial-up Details

  • Telephone dial-up: Call Toll-Free Number: 1-800-369-1978
  • Audience Passcode: DBLONIARZ
  • Internet login: Navigate to
  • Conference Number: PW5869396
  • Audience Passcode: DBLONIARZ
  • Please note: Telephone and internet connections are available beginning 15 minutes to the start of the call.
  • Important: Please check your browser’s compatibility prior to the webcast by clicking here and then choosing “Check Your Browser” from the NetMeeting page. You will then be ready to join the conference on the day of the presentation.
  • All webcasts last approximately 55 minutes.
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