Upcoming Webcast Features “Trees and Ice Storms”, February 18, 2009 – 11:00 AM (Eastern)

“Trees and Ice Storms: Developing Ice Storm Resistant Urban Tree Populations will feature Richard Hauer, Ph.D., from the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, who will introduce the issue of  making urban forests less susceptible to the damage from ice storms and winter weather events.  Along with fires and wind, ice storms are a frequent and major natural disturbance factor in many areas of the country. Likewise ice storms are responsible for deaths and injuries of people and cause dramatic damage and tree loss to urban forests. Ice storms   annually result in millions of dollars in   loss, and potentially billions of dollars in   losses for extreme and widespread ice storms. Damage to electric distribution   systems, blocked roadways, and property   damage from fallen trees and limbs pose safety concerns and disrupt normal community functions.   This timely topic will be discussed by one of the foremost experts in this area, and this webcast will help to bring you up to date on the latest research findings and outline resource materials that will help you prepare for the next catastrophic event.

February 18th Internet Log-in and Telephone Dial-up Details

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