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New Products Showcase Webcast – August 19th

“The Road to a Thoughtful Street Tree Master Plan”
Wednesday, August 19th, 11:00 AM (Eastern)

Please plan to join us for this upcoming webcast, which inroduces a new tool for urban forestry.  Perhaps now more than ever for many communities, there’s a great opportunity to reevaluate and redesign streetscapes. Invasive pests and slim budgets are taking a toll on existing street trees and re-teaching us lessons about the dangers of dependency on a few species and not specifying the right plants for various sites.

An exciting, new publication, “The Road to a Thoughtful Street Tree Master Plan” was co-authored by Ken Simons, a landscape architect, and Gary Johnson, a professor of urban forestry, as a primer and guide of sorts for communities that have the opportunity to develop or change, yet may not have the expertise or background to do it effectively.

Written as a very pragmatic guide to selecting and placing trees in streetscapes, it emphasizes not only the architectural nature of street tree designs, but it goes to great lengths to help the user create an extensive list of credentials that the trees must have to fulfill the design.

This webcast will serve as an introduction to the primer and its potential as a resource for communities that are striving to create more resilient street tree designs and programs.

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