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Urban Forestry & Urban Greening was founded by Editors Cecil C. Konijnendijk and Thomas B. Randrup in 2002, the first issue being launched during the 2002 IUFRO Conference on Forestry Serving Urbanized Societies in Copenhagen. Since then Urban Forestry & Urban Greening has grown and matured steadily over the years. 2011 sees the journal in its 10th volume and receiving its first Impact Factor, to be released in June. We welcome you to join us in our celebration during the European Forum on Urban Forestry Conference 31 May - 4 June 2011 in Glasgow.

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Table of Contents
>> Urban Forestry & Urban Greening 10/1 (2011)

Pages 1-2
Cecil C. Konijnendijk, Peter Bentsen, A. Christian Lindholst

Quercus virginiana root attributes and lateral stability after planting at different depths Original Research Article
Pages 3-9
Edward F. Gilman, Jason Grabosky

The impact of horse chestnut leaf miner (Cameraria ohridella Deschka and Dimic; HCLM) on vitality, growth and reproduction of Aesculus hippocastanum L. Original Research Article
Pages 11-17
Glynn C. Percival, Barrow, K. Noviss, Keary, P. Pennington

Bioreceptivity of buildings for spontaneous arboreal flora in compact city environment Original Research Article
Pages 19-28
C.Y. Jim, Wendy Y. Chen

Who is likely to plant a tree? The use of public socio-demographic data to characterize client participants in a private urban forestation program Original Research Article
Pages 29-38
Christopher S. Greene, Andrew A. Millward, Brian Ceh

Exploring social and institutional variation across oak wilt risk management programs in Minnesota, USA Original Research Article
Pages 39-45
Adam E. Kokotovich, Adam R. Zeilinger

Passerine reactions to human behaviour and vegetation structure in Peterborough, Canada Original Research Article
Pages 47-51
Michael O’Neal Campbell

Short-term effects of alternative de-icing chemicals on tree sapling performance Original Research Article
Pages 53-59
Hans Martin Hanslin

Evaluation of Anticipated Performance Index of some tree species for green belt development to mitigate traffic generated noise Original Research Article
Pages 61-66
Vinita Pathak, B.D. Tripathi, V.K. Mishra

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Urban Forestry & Urban Greening is a refereed, international journal aimed at presenting high-quality research with urban and peri-urban woody and non-woody vegetation and its use, planning, design, establishment and management as its main topics. Urban Forestry & Urban Greening concentrates on all tree-dominated (as joint together in the urban forest) as well as other green resources in and around urban areas, such as woodlands, public and private urban parks and gardens, urban nature areas, street tree and square plantations, botanical gardens and cemeteries.

The journal welcomes fundamental and applied research papers, as well as review papers and short communications. Contributions should focus on one or more of the following aspects:
  • Form and functions of urban forests and other vegetation, including aspects of urban ecology.
  • Policy-making, planning and design related to urban forests and other vegetation.
  • Selection and establishment of tree resources and other vegetation for urban environments.
  • Management of urban forests and other vegetation.
Original contributions of a high academic standard are invited from a wide range of both natural and social-science oriented disciplines, including forestry, biology, horticulture, arboriculture, landscape ecology, pathology, soil science, hydrology, landscape architecture, landscape planning, urban planning and design, economics, sociology, and environmental psychology and education.

Special attention is given to interdisciplinary research as developed under the approaches of, for example, urban forestry, arboriculture, urban greening, urban ecology, urban agriculture, urban horticulture, urban silviculture, and community forestry.

The papers should be written in a style that is understandable to specialists from other disciplines as well as interested policy-makers and higher-level practitioners.


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Cecil C. Konijnendijk (Denmark)
David J. Nowak (USA)

Editorial Board:
Arne Arnberger (Austria)
Nina Bassuk (USA)
Simon Bell (UK)
Robert Brown (Canada)
Alicia Chacalo (Mexico)
Sarel Cilliers (South Africa)
John Dwyer (USA)
Francisco Escobedo (USA)
Francesco Ferrini (Italy)
Mary Forrest (Ireland)
Martin Hermy (Belgium)
Maria Ignatieva (New Zealand)
C.Y. Jim (China)
Andy Kenney (Canada)
Ingo Kowarik (Germany)
Greg McPherson (USA)
Kjell Nilsson (Denmark)
Stephan Pauleit (Germany)
Glynn Percival (UK)
Janez Pirnat (Slovenia)
Thomas B. Randrup (Denmark)
Robert M. Ricard (USA)
Fabio Salbitano (Italy)
Giovanni Sanesi (Italy)
Jasper Schipperijn (Denmark)
Klaus Seeland (Switzerland)
Alan Simson (UK)
Glenn Stewart (New Zealand)
Maria-Luisa Tello (Spain)
Sybrand Tjallingii (Netherlands)
Liisa Tyrväinen (Finland)
Jun Yang (China)

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