Focus Topics

The development of the following specific topics will relate to various issues associated with data collection and recording. Urban forest data collection often relates to either inventory data (100% census) of trees along streets, in parks, or other urban areas; or a sampling of trees in these areas. Data collection can also be related to direct management issues (e.g., hazard assessments) or general assessments of species composition and ecosystem services. The objectives may vary depending upon the context.

  • General Tree Metrics
    Specific metrics on measurement of tree diameter, tree height, crown width, height to base of crown, species, species to cultivar or variety.
  • Tree Health, Decay and Risk
    Metrics on structural health including tree decay, failure type and specifics, tree hazard rating and other risk factors.
  • Tree Maintenance
    Standard metrics on maintenance needs such asĀ  structural support, pruning, removal, crown cleaning, crown raising, fertilization, aeration, pest management, follow-up inspection/monitoring, and other tree maintenance tasks.
  • Tree Location and Site Variables
    Tree location, including coordinates of tree and or address, city, country, general information on location in landscape (e.g., front yard, street tree, etc.), tree regeneration, plant and ground cover information soils information, and site constraints such as overhead wires, underground restrictions, planting width, available planting space and other site conditions.

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