CT Tree Wardens School – September 28, 2016

Here are the materials that were used or referred to during the workshop session.  The course packets contain some useful informational readings and references, as well as older examples of the Z-133 Safety Standards and the A-300 Pruning Standards. Additionally, the PowerPoint slides and informational videos that were shown in the class session, as well as supplemental video, are linked here.  Finally, you can find links to websites where you can order the most recent versions of the Standards and Best Management Practices handbooks.

Course Packet – Part 1, Urban Forestry Overview (PDF)

Course Packet – Part 2, Safety and Specifications (PDF)

Tree Owners Manual - US Forest Service (PDF)

Right Tree Brochure – Minnesota Power (PDF)

Best Management Practice - Tree Inventories (PDF)

Trees in Our City - The Value of Trees  (PowerPoint Presentation)

i-Tree Website

i-Tree Design

i-Tree Canopy

i-Tree Overview Video – 55 minutes

Bare Root Tree Planting Video – 12 minutes

Structural Soils Video – 14 minutes

A-300 Standard - Older version for Tree Care (PDF)

A-300 Standard - Older version Transplanting Trees (PDF)

A-300 and Best Management Practices for Purchase (Webpage)

Z-133 Standards for Purchase at Work (Webpage)