Our Vision

A Vision for advancement

UNRI’s goals include improving coordination among scientists, research units and strategic partners, and to strengthen public awareness of activities related to urban natural resources research and management. UNRI seeks to develop and implement a comprehensive approach for urban natural resources technology transfer in the Northeast. The vision includes developing information, models, tools and decision support systems to enhance community natural resource stewardship and to improve the livability of communities in the Northeast and the nation.

Implementing the vision

UNRI aims to improve coordination among various Forest Service urban forestry activities, as well as serve as a facilitator of interaction and cooperation with other partners and collaborators. Increasing the visibility and importance of urban forestry research within the Northeast through effective technology transfer initiatives will help UNRI to serve as a regional leader and information source for urban forestry information and technology in the region. Participation in UNRI includes a variety of cooperators and partners who seek to improve the effectiveness of program delivery through communication, dynamic sharing and science-based research and study.

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