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The USDA Forest Service Urban Natural Resources Institute (UNRI), has updated a few i-Tree public awareness products, that can be used to provide the value and function of trees growing in a community.  The ‘Tree Benefits Labels” can be modified for your community.
We have prepared three versions for your use.  Please click on each image [...]

i-Tree Database Web Workshop Replays Available for Replay

i-Tree Database, which is an online system designed for users to submit properly formatted pollution and weather data, location information, new species information, and other requirements needed for the i-Tree Eco model to process in a new, previously unsupported study area.
In the September and November 2017 i-Tree Web Workshop Series, the Database application was introduced in [...]

New, Improved i-Tree Landscape Now Available

Advances in web technology have enabled the i-Tree development team to develop a new and improved version of i-Tree Landscape, a web-based application that allows users to explore tree canopy, land cover, and basic demographic information in a location of their choosing. With the information provided by i-Tree Landscape, users will learn about the benefits of [...]

Check Out the Online Directory for Urban Forestry Researchers

The Urban Forestry Section of the International Union of Forest Research Organizations (IUFRO) has developed an Online Directory to facilitate research collaboration and information dissemination among its members across the globe. Membership is free and to join, please Click Here. By completing the questionnaire, you will be included in the new directory and also receive, if you choose, the [...]

Mobile Data Collection System for i-Tree Available

Advances in web technology have enabled the i-Tree development team to create a web-based data collection system that essentially allows anyone using a newer tablet, smartphone, or other mobile device to collect field data wherever there is an internet connection. The new Mobile Data Collection System (MDCS) relies on a device’s browser and web forms [...]

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