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UNRI scientists and cooperators are working on projects across the globe, and often make presentations at many educational, research and university events throughout the year.  The following links provide access to resources that have been provided at workshops or presentation sessions.  Please check back often since these resources are continually updated and revised. For more information, pleas contact David V. Bloniarz, Ph.D., US Forest Service,

2023 Presentations, Training & Support Resources

2022 Presentations, Training & Support Resources

2021 Presentations, Training & Support Resources

2020 Presentations, Training & Support Resources

2019 Presentations, Training & Support Resources

2018 Presentations, Training & Support Resources

2017 Presentations, Training & Support Resources

2016 Presentations, Training & Support Resources

2015 Presentations, Training & Support Resources

2014 Presentations, Training & Support Resources

2013 Presentations, Training & Support Resources

2012 Presentations, Training & Support Resources

2011 Presentations, Training & Support Resources

2010 Presentations, Training & Support Resources

Institute Timely Topic Briefs

The science behind the work of UNRI scientists is highlighted in this series of briefs that provide an overviews of the topics of interest to urban natural resource managers. These “Timely Topic Briefs” will highlight the latest research findings and bring the latest tools to your attention.

UNRI Scientists at Work

The Institute’s scientists serve to promote technology transfer of urban and community forestry scientific information through through working relationships and information networks with sate, local and industry partners. The work of UNRI scientists is outlined in the “UNRI Scientists at Work” series of profiles provided here.


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