Management – Community Based

Environmental Justice

Decision-support tools are particularly relevant to urban natural resource management because the field is complex. Management and policy decisions are made by people in authority, based on their perceptions of the consequences of their decisions.

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Community Stability

UNRI researchers have examined historical and contemporary roles of information and knowledge in urban resource regimes concerned with public health, forests, and parks.

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Special Projects

Various circumstances often bring UNRI scientists to the forefront of important scientific research, development and application. Included in these initiatives are insect and disease infestation, natural catastrophes and other unusual events.

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Land Stewardship

Urban natural resource management research by UNRI scientists focuses on developing methods and guidelines for practical management of urban landscapes to meet the needs of city and town residents.

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User Satisfaction

Perceptions and expectations of what forests are, or should be, are changing rapidly as an increasing population demands more of everything, including preservation, from forests, including urban natural resources. UNRI scientists are working to help address the needs of a wide range of urban residents.

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