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The Urban Natural Resources Institute (UNRI) is an initiative of the USDA Forest Service Northern Station, which serves as a point of contact for focused research, development, and information exchange on urban natural resource management. The Institute consists of Forest Service scientists who are conducting science-based research on urban natural resource issues throughout the region. The resources of the Institute are located in various units of the Northern Research Station, and include state, university, municipal and commercial partners focusing on scientific study of urbanized landscapes. The Institute works toward increasing the coordination, distribution and accessibility of science-based tools, products and initiatives within the Northeast.

Technology transfer activities

UNRI works with a variety of clients and stakeholders to assist them with implementing models, tools and other technology for urban forest stewardship. The Institute’s scientists serve to promote technology transfer of urban and community forestry scientific information through through working relationships and information networks with sate, local and industry partners. The Instittue serves as a conuit and liason between Forest Service researchers and its primary partners and cooperators. Utilizing the Internet and state-of-the-art communicaption tools, the Institute provides the principal technolgty transfer mechanism for urban forest reserach in the Northeast.

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