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The Urban Natural Resources Institute (UNRI) is a science-based source for information and answers to questions on urban natural resources stewardship. A goal of the Institute is to strengthen public awareness of activities related to urban natural resources research and management. The Institute consists of Forest Service scientists, conducting science-based research on urban natural resource issues across the country.

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Ask a question of our researchers and we will work to get you the latest answers and solutions. You can also sign up for web- or podcasts. Follow the links on the left to access our services or find contact forms.

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  • Dec 15th i-Tree Q&A Roundtable with i-Tree Development Team

    Attend an Online Q&A Roundtable with the i-Tree Development Team
    Please join us on December 15, 2016 for this interactive i-Tree Online Session, featuring your chance to ‘ask the experts’ about the i-Tree software tools.

    Please join the i-Tree Development Team for this interactive and informative Q&A roundtable session. Participants include Dr. David Nowak, USDA Forest Service, and other [...]

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