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Tree Response to Injury, Infection and Change

Current research work by UNRI scientists at several sites, including the Research Work Unit NE-4505 located in Durham, NH involves investigation into relationship of tree-ring chemistry to internal biology and the external environment, the relationship of dendrochronology to tree disease, human activities, and other environmental factors, and the role of wood decay and compartmentalization following tree injury and infection for tree survival, forest competition, and element cycling.

This field research is a foundation from which to develop tools to predict and control the effect on wood quality and tree health following tree injury from storms, fire, construction and human activity, improve the prediction of tree growth from climatic and other environmental factors, and to improve tree care in managed and urban forests.

For additional information on the research work of UNRI scientists related to tree response to injury, construction or change, please visit the Research Work Unit NE-4505 website.

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