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User Satisfaction

Study within this research area is addressing assessment and analysis of values and preferences toward multiple objective forest related decisions. This includes analyses of acceptable tradeoffs and value differences expressed by different types and groups of stakeholders. In addition to providing current information on the relative values of a wide range of forest-related objectives, this information will form the basis for analyzing the effects of demographic trends on expected and desired future forest conditions.

Additionally, UNRI scientists are examining various policy and management tools such as tax structures, regulations, and alternative management options, so that decision makers will be better informed about the implications of their actions.

Research by UNRI scientists will provide a sound theoretical basis for analyzing the multiple values and objectives that affect the management of complex ecosystems, as well as exploring systems that link these values to decision making. Ultimately, this should enable us to provide for a broad array of human wants while enhancing our ability to sustain ecosystems within a complex social environment. This research links directly to the management issues and tool development identified in other problem areas.

For more information on UNRI research related to community stability please visit RWU-NE-4454, located in Burlington, VT (Integrating Social and Biophysical Sciences for Natural Resource Management).

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