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Urban Forest Strike Team Log graphic illustrationUrban Forestry Strike Team Webinar Series
a series of webinars developed by the UFST Advisory Committee to provide previously trained UFST members with updates on the UFST program, responses, procedures, and protocol.

Sponsored by:

US Forest Service Region 8, Southern Research Station, Urban Forestry South, FS Northeastern Area

Workshop Instructors:

Dudley R. Hartel, Center Manager, Urban Forestry South

Eric Kuehler, Technology Transfer Specialist

Support Materials

July 21, 2011 Session

June 2, 2011 Session

May 12, 2011 Session

April 21, 2011 Session

March 10, 2011 Session

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Archived Video of Worskhop Session

Click Here to view any of the the workshop sessions noted above.  The sessions are available for viewing on-line in streaming format, or can be downloaded for replay and distribution.

Northern Research Station
United States Department of Agriculture
USDA Forest Service


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