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Effects of Urban Forests and their Management on Human Health and Environmental Quality

UNRI scientists at the Syracuse Research Unit are presently involved in a series of important scientific initiatives that are providing urban foresters and planners important information on the size, condition and composition of urban landscapes across the country.

The development of the Urban Forest Effects (UFORE) Model is a key inventory model and public-domain software tool that can be used by researchers, mangers and foresters to assess the ecological composition and value of urban forests. UFORE is a model suite that allows users to collect data on the entire urban forest and estimate the ecosystem services the resource provides to the community.

UNRI scientists are also working on the development of a new inventory software for use in urban setttings. i-Tree is a USDA Forest Service state-of-the-art, peer-reviewed, urban and community forestry analysis and benefits assessment software suite. i-Tree currently integrates four urban and community forestry inventory, analysis, assessment and forecasting tools: UFORE (Urban Forest Effects Model), STRATUM (Street Tree Resource Analysis Tool for Urban Forest Managers), MCTI (Mobile Community Tree Inventory), and the Storm Damage Assessment Protocol.

Please visit the Syracuse Research Unit for detailed information on the scope of projects that are currently being undertaken by the members of the UNRI research team and their cooperating partners.

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