Bacterial Leaf Scorch Informational Webcast – 11:00 AM (Eastern) Oct 28th

“Bacterial Leaf Scorch: An Update”
Wednesday, October 28th, 11:00 AM (Eastern)
with Ann Brooks Gould, PhD, Rutgers University

Bacterial Leaf Scorch (BLS) is a bacterial plant disease of major environmental, economic, and aesthetic importance. Urban trees such as sycamore, red maple, dogwood, American elm, several species of oak and agricultural crops such as plura, peach, pear, coffee, and grapes can become infected and eventually die. This disease is caused by a vascular clogging bacterium (Xylella fastidiosa) that multiplies rapidly within active plant xylem. Distinct scorch-like leaf symptoms are followed by twig and branch death leading to plant decline and death. Many other plants such as numerous shrub species and grasses become infected with BLS, but do not show symptoms and do not die. Knowledge of BLS presently is limited especially when attempting to understand how infection is contracted and spread within the urban environment. What is known is that the BLS bacterium is spread from diseased to healthy plant material during feeding by common urban xylem-feeding insects such as leafhoppers and treehoppers.

Dr. Gould’s presentation Presentation will include an update on host range, vector relationships, disease detection, and management. For more information on the webcast visit


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