i-Tree Online Workshop March 29, 2018 Discussion Log

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i-Tree for Change Makers and More, March 29, 2018 Discussion Log
13:02:48 From ceknight : Hi Krista
13:06:29 From ceknight : Yes
13:06:45 From ceknight : Nice tree
13:07:39 From vikki to All Panelists : I only see a blank screen.
13:08:07 From Robbie Coville to All Panelists : I’ll try to help vikki
13:08:34 From Krista Heinlen to All Panelists : thanks, Robbie -
13:09:15 From Krista Heinlen to ceknight, All Panelists : Thanks! That was actually a design that came from Wisconsin DNR;)
13:10:16 From ceknight : Oh Good, I see you are near New South Wales
13:10:20 From Robbie Coville to vikki, All Panelists : Hi vikki, sorry to hear display isn’t working well. I see you left and re-joined, is it working now?
13:15:31 From ceknight : That feedback by residents was good.
13:16:32 From treerap : Are the councils offering any tax incentives as a mechanism to private landholders to keep land green.
13:17:17 From ceknight : I do like tree tagging, It helps so much to tell the public the benefits of trees that most people do not think about.
13:17:24 From treerap : Are you tying improved planting strategies such as increasing accessible soil volume as a way to increase canopy
13:17:36 From ceknight : The age is a good thing as well.
13:17:43 From ceknight : Thanks
13:18:08 From ceknight : Community events a good thing also.
13:19:13 From Taykhoom : Love the tree tag idea!
13:19:23 From ceknight : Bet we could do them so our children can fill in the information in their parks. So the tag is from “Emily” etc.
13:19:37 From ceknight : WE give the children the information, but they write it out.
13:20:17 From JAT to All Panelists : is there a way to see who else is attending this webcast? The list of attendees is not showing up for some reason in zoom
13:20:37 From ceknight : I like this Dave, maybe we can do it in Springfield, MA, the tree tag tour map
13:21:22 From Robbie Coville : JAT, have you opened the Participants window? If you point your mouse toward the bottom of the Zoom window, a menu should pop-up with items like Chat and Participants
13:21:38 From ceknight : Ordering and designing online is good also.
13:22:13 From JAT to All Panelists : ok, wil check, I am not seeing that, only the Chat and questions pop out
13:23:17 From JAT to All Panelists : yep, only chat, raise hand and Q&A, no participants pop up :-)
13:23:48 From Robbie Coville : JAT ok, thanks for checking. I thought attendees could see participants, but that feature may be limited to panelists. We won’t adjust webinar settings during this presentation to avoid interruptions but I’ll try to enable that for future webinars
13:24:12 From ceknight : Yes Krista, a great tree trail and working with local councils.
13:24:38 From JAT to All Panelists : no prob. Just always curious to see who is attending and from where :-)
13:25:46 From Robbie Coville to All Panelists : What material are these tree tags made of / how are they produced? Sorry if I missed that. Great to see the different styles and how popular they are
13:26:01 From Josh Meidav : Will the presentation be available online?
13:26:04 From ceknight : Maybe not a tax incentive, but a city or town award of appreciation and publicity thanking the private land owner for the tree improvemetns.
13:26:22 From Robbie Coville : JAT we had a few requests to know where attendees are from. Maybe we’ll post some statistics about that if we have enough info from EventBrite!
13:26:32 From Krista Heinlen : Hi Josh – yes, the presentation video will be available.
13:26:42 From JAT to All Panelists : I like the tag idea, but surprised they did not include the dollar value. I have found people are shocked when they find that out and puts the trees in a different perspective.
13:27:05 From treerap : Thank you Australia
13:27:53 From ceknight : Like the recycled material on the tree tags.
13:29:43 From JAT to All Panelists : Maybe you can add lifespan value vs. iTree value and/or appraised value. Good point about younger trees!
13:29:48 From ceknight : Yes, I agree. Some people see only the dollar value of the tree and not the other benefits that might not be so easily boiled down to a dollar value.
13:31:06 From ceknight : Welcome Chicago, we are all “ears” and “eyes” and looking forward to your presentation.
13:39:58 From Jenni Garden to All Panelists : Ooh, I love that interactive visual!
13:44:31 From Cassandra to All Panelists : Maybe I missed it – how is this project funded? Both the planting and plan for long-term maintenance. 7000 trees is a lot to add to a city’s tree care budget
13:45:35 From ceknight : Great usage of the old Sears Tower
13:46:16 From treerap : Since you are planting Oaks, does Chicago currently have an issue with Oak wilt or is there a fear that you will have this project in the foreseeable future. If so, what steps are being taken in terms of species selection.
13:46:22 From ceknight : Oh I want to know more about this decrease in crime when the tree canopy is increased!
13:46:47 From David Bloniarz : This is such amazing work…
13:47:25 From ceknight : WE saw and heard the gun parts being melted down to make shovesl
13:47:28 From Jenni Garden to All Panelists : awesome!!
13:47:52 From treerap : Turning swords into plowshares – sort of!!!
13:48:43 From JAT : very cool conversion of guns to shovels and something productive. Love the use of local labor and materials.
13:49:43 From Jackie.Hamilton to All Panelists : This is so amazing! Is this video online somewhere?
13:49:54 From treerap : Is the training for jobs enough for the long term – maybe arborist training so there’s a living wage in the offing.
13:50:14 From ceknight : Thanks for sharing this and the facebook page.
13:50:20 From Krista Heinlen : Jackie – that video is available on their Facebook page!
13:50:29 From JAT : someone above mentioned the reduction in crime- CPTED- is crime prevention through environmental design. Eve notice on TV and in the nespaper, they always refer to “the tree lined streets” of such and such a town were disrupted.. There is at least a psychological feeling that towns with tree lined streets have lower crime and are a better place to live
13:50:35 From ceknight : Thank You.
13:50:45 From Robbie Coville : Wow, awesome! Thanks
13:52:36 From mg822 to All Panelists : what is the facebook page called?
13:53:22 From Krista Heinlen :
13:55:13 From ceknight : Thanks Dave.
13:56:26 From JAT : I need credits for NJ Community Forestry CEU’s, I am not in ISA. Can you help?
13:56:28 From ejgreenfield : Great examples! Thanks
13:57:02 From ceknight : They are great. I often cancel another appointment, when I can, to be here.
13:57:20 From Jason Henning to All Panelists : Hi JAT. Do you know who manages their CEUs?
13:57:58 From ceknight : Yes, Dave they have raised the bar!
13:58:04 From ceknight : Thanks for the name Dave.
13:58:09 From Krista Heinlen : From Al Z: Thank you to Taykhoom and Jenni for sharing those amazing stories!
13:58:14 From Robbie Coville : That was extremely inspiring. Thanks everyone
13:58:15 From Jenni Garden to All Panelists : Thank you all so much for the opportunity to share our stories and hear yours! Happy Easter:)
13:58:25 From Jason Henning to All Panelists : In general we need preapproval from the organization to gran CEUs.
13:58:37 From Krista Heinlen : Same to you, Jenni!
13:58:43 From Al Zelaya to All Panelists : Thank you to Taykhoom and Jenni for sharing those amazing stories!
13:58:50 From ceknight : This was so good, I did screen shots throughout the presentations.
13:59:54 From Robbie Coville : This recording will be posted on Sometimes it takes ~a month (as you can see from the page missing February’s webinar). We’ll try to get it updated in the next week or so with recordings from this and last month’s webinar
14:00:25 From Krista Heinlen : Thanks, Robbie -
14:00:38 From Arben to All Panelists : thank you
14:00:43 From Krista Heinlen : February’s recording had some technical difficulties

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