i-Tree Roundtable January 18, 2018 Discussion Log

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i-Tree Roundtable January 18, 2018 Discussion Log

12:56:21     From catfal to All panelists : Catherine from Edmonton AB, Canada is here also

12:56:31          From Naomi Zurcher : Hi from Schweiz Dave and Dave.

12:56:34          From KristaH to All panelists : Also since only Hosts can write Q&A answers

12:57:34          From mckramar to All panelists : HI Dave, etc!

12:59:08          From tyeaman to All panelists : Hi from Prince Albert, SK

13:00:04          From al zelaya : greetings to all and thanks for joining

13:00:17          From Naomi Zurcher : I sent out an email reminder to the members of the i-Tree Europe Network so hopefully you’ll see people from other countries in Europe

13:00:18          From Elvia to All panelists : hi everybody!

13:02:15          From KristaH to All panelists : Everyone can feel free to add questions in the chat window at any time!

13:03:34          From David Bloniarz to All panelists : Naomi.  Thanks for your help getting the word out.

13:05:50          From rr5 to All panelists : Are any plans to include Canadian Provinces to the Lanscape version?

13:06:53          From al zelaya : No. Unfortunately, Landscape is specific to the US.

13:08:10          From Elvia to All panelists : Is Landscape only for the Continental US?

13:08:20          From Elvia to All panelists : Does it include US islands?

13:10:33          From Alexis Ellis to All panelists : Landscape includes Hawaii and Peurto Rico where data is available.

13:11:12          From Naomi Zurcher to All panelists : There is some concern that these Urban Wood Market strategies will encourage tree removals in urban areas. The most important goal should be to keep tree in the ground for as long as possible and not do anything to encourage early removals just to feed a market.

13:12:09          From Alexis Ellis to All panelists : Re. Landscape in Canada, the problem is that most of the datasets we include and anlyze only cover the US.  However, would be great to expand beyond the US and not completely off the table.

13:13:29          From Walter Houston to All panelists : from a smart city perspective, how will i-tree tech integrate with other urban data systems? or have u even thinking along those lines?

13:14:01          From catfal to All panelists : iTree Eco is available in Canada correct?

13:15:01          From Alexis Ellis to All panelists : Yes, iTree Eco is available in Canada.

13:15:46          From Karin Wood to All panelists : If you are just starting an urban tree inventory of a 40 mile sq urban area, we were thinking of using i-Tree Street.  However, I didn’t see if that was being incorporated in ECO

13:15:57          From Naomi Zurcher to All panelists : It would be good to require documentation of why the tree was removed

13:16:44          From burney to All panelists : Looking for a large class version of I-tree to handle a small list (street block) of trees.  I don’t have a lab and have studentscollect trees on a street block where I have an inventory from 10 years ago.  So, the students would be able to see the change in structure and function over time.  With 40+ students and no teaching assistant, I need to be efficient.  Maybe someone has already developed something, so I don’t have to start from scratch.  Burney Fischer

13:16:58          From Naomi Zurcher to All panelists : I would like to see more programs that offer chipped wood to communities for mulching.

13:17:25          From cbassett to All panelists : California’s urban forestry grant program has grants for urban wood reutilization.  For logs to count as rendering and overall GHG benefit through their program, they must be replaced after removal.  For i-Treecs of avoided GHG from urban wood reutilization, do the trees have to have been replanted?

13:18:14          From cbassett to All panelists : For i-Tree Wood’s metrics of avoided GHG from urban wood reutilization, do the trees have to have been replanted?**** excuse the previous

13:20:47          From mckramar to All panelists : The NE area program managers love iTree streets

13:21:06          From Naomi Zurcher to All panelists : Based on a discussion that Dave Nowak and I had, I know that the Energy Savings function will be available in the Europe model. Will there be a way to find out exactly what Energy Savings is based on. I know it will remain based on a US building strategy but can we find out exactly what that is.

13:21:25          From al zelaya : Regarding smart city perspectives, this is probably a work in progress and expanding opportunity as i-Tree continues to show how tree benefits can relate to green infrastructure, public health and other areas. There will be more opportunities for integration of trees and forest resources, etc.

13:22:41          From Robbie Coville :

13:22:58          From Ahmad Alamad to All panelists : Can this software be utilized in an effort to incentivize business districts and large land owners into investing in trees?

13:23:45          From Robbie Coville to burney, All Panelists : Hi burney. You can email Eric Greenfield <>

for some similar curriculum he’s developed.

13:24:39          From Jason Henning : If interested in available versions of middle school curricula you can check out this work from our partners at Casey trees,

13:25:21          From Eric Wiseman : Bernie – iTree Landscape is a good tool for large group instruction. Tougher with street tree inventories.

13:26:21          From tyeaman to All panelists : Is there a website or somewhere you can go to find our what communities around you have iTree?  We currently do not iTree and I am having to rebuild the Forestry Department.  I would just like to touch base with someone who is currently using the program.

13:27:54          From ejgreenfield : myTree is also a very good place to get folks started in iTree

13:29:42          From tyeaman to All panelists : Thank you for the myTree comment

13:30:56          From David Bloniarz to Jeff Esche, All Panelists : hi, you have a question.

13:31:56          From Karin Wood to All panelists : Can I be texted the name of the person from Springfield who just finished an inventory?

13:32:11          From kathryn.hand to All panelists : Hi, I had quick question about the Europe version also, I believe the weather and pollution data is coming from the EEA. Is the UK data from this being removed first?

13:33:22          From Hector Benavides-Meza : Any idea if i-Tree canopy, landscape or Street will be adapted for other countries, considering the adaptation of i-Tree Eco to other countries.

13:34:05          From al zelaya : Regarding seeing other nearby communities using i-Tree, this is a challenge to share this type of information because we can tell who downloads i-tree software in some cases but do not know if they are actually using specific tools.  We can probably tell more about use for online tools based on Google analytics, but have not found a good way to share.

13:34:57          From Phil Rodbell to All panelists : Do we now have model reports available from iTree Landscape?  Good examples are needed I think for user replication at their own scale.  thanks

13:36:00          From Mike Binkley to All panelists : i-Tree Streets will be moved to a legacy status as Eco takes over.  (Eco soon will have Streets functionality integrated).

13:36:43          From Mike Binkley to All panelists : Landscape is based largely on having good canopy, impervious, and land cover map data. this limits its use elsewhere if those data are lacking.

13:37:19          From Mike Binkley to All panelists : Canopy can be used elsewhere, if the data are available and funding to incorporate it can be obtained.

13:38:46          From Naomi Zurcher to All panelists : Another possibility is those Businesses that CLAIM THEY ARE ENVIRONMENTALLY CONSCIENTIOUS. The one companies might br sensitive to i-Tree reports and funding projects that provide outcomes.

13:40:48          From Naomi Zurcher to All panelists : What we did in Europe is following our Round Table meeting, I started an i-Tree Europe Network on LinkedIn. While I am having LinkedIn headaches, it’s a way of connecting people who have or plan to work with i-Tree.

13:41:33          From tyeaman to All panelists : It would be great if somewhere in the future there was a resource avaialble to find out which communities are using iTree – this would be a huge resource and would allow networking and problem solving in your local area.  Just a thought for the future.

13:41:38          From Addie to All panelists : We are working on a project where we need to analyze and calculate the benefits of trees we have planted on a community level- we have used itree streets and Eco, but do not know abotu itree canopy. Can you give an explanation of this platform and what imformation we may be able to gain from using it? Thank you.

13:45:24          From kathryn.hand to All panelists : that helps, thanks!

13:46:12          From David Ellingsworth to All panelists : i-Tree Canopy can be used anywhere in the world. It is only limited by the user’s understanding of English or Google’s translation thereof. i-Tree Canopy provides known benefit values for US locations, but users are free to enter their own regardless of any location they do or don’t choose.

13:46:17          From David Bloniarz : Al Zeleya from Davey worked with Dave Bloniarz, US Forest Service to complete the inventory work in Springfield

13:49:17          From Jeff Esche to All panelists : Sharing that we have been doing urban forestry with a Montessori school – taking inventory and then doing I-Tree design for benefits – the presentation of this project as part of a science fair was instrumental in winning the Science prize from Essex Heritage organization

13:54:21          From al zelaya : Hello Jeff,  we would be interested in learning more about your project and possibly sharing thta in an upcoming newsletter or online project profifle. Please feel free to contact us afterward at  Thanks for sharing. -Al

13:54:41          From Naomi Zurcher to All panelists : It may be of interest regarding i-Tree Europe, there is an upcoming meeting of Northern Europe UF professionals to expand the NFO to include urban forest inventory information which presently most European countries do not include at all. This may be an interesting area for us to explore in terms of incorporating i-Tree Eco into NFI

13:56:43          From Amtchat (USFS) to All panelists : I would appreciate a session focusing/highlighting some of us user groups… any opportunity to see/hear the best practices about outreach and public engagement. That sounds like a really fun session.

13:58:06          From al zelaya to Karin Wood, All Panelists : hey Karin, please feel free to contact me for more info on options or 773-676-1045. -Al

14:00:20          From cbassett to All panelists : will an announcement be made when i-tree wood is released?

14:01:02          From Elvia to All panelists : yes

14:01:47          From Mike Binkley to All panelists : i-Tree Wood – Urban Log Marketplace is coming soon

14:01:59          From Mike Binkley to All panelists : we have a prototype almost ready and will be doing some pilots testing soon

14:02:04          From al zelaya : yes, we typically will use the i-Tree website or newsletter to inform users when a new tool is being introduced. Time still TBD. Thanks

14:06:01          From Naomi Zurcher to All panelists : If tire’s a ny experience that the Team has with the US NFI, it would be very helpful to have that in anticipation of my going to this meeting. It’s critical that we get UF into European NFI and it would be great to incorporate i-Tree into the process


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United States Department of Agriculture
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