Upcoming Webcast “ALB in Massachusetts: The Battle Continues”

Wednesday, February 29, 2012 - 11:00 AM (Eastern) via the web 

Please plan to attend the February 2012 UNRI Webcast “Asian Longhorned Beetle in Massachusetts: The Battle Continues”, featuring Julie Coop the Incident Commander for the Massachusetts Department of Conservation & Recreation.  This webcast will provide an update on the continued advancement of the Asian Longhorned Beetle in Worcester County, Massachusetts.  The infestation is the largest and most widespread occurrence of the ALB, to date in the U.S., and has been the focus of a multi-agency control and eradication effort.  In this presentation Julie will provide a review the history of the infestation, present insights into the complexity of managing response efforts in a major metropolitan area and discuss the current initiatives that are underway related to the technical measures being taken, public education efforts and coordination of activities at various levels. Additonally, discussion of the logistical elements of staging a multi-agency control and eradication effort will be provided.  The infestation of ALB in this Central Massachusetts region is nearly four years old, and many lessons have been learned, and the presentation will provide an opportunity to learn what you might face if a disaster or invasive infestation occurs in your locale.

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