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New Media Resource – “Community Trees: A Living Investment”

tree_benefits_dvdThe “Community Trees: A Living Investment”, a new media resource developed by the U.S. Forest Service Northeastern Area (NA), has  been released and is now available for use by urban natural resource partners.

This high-resolution video series promotes the value of trees in our lives and communities using validated scientific research and citizen testimonials. The series targets three specific audiences that can make a difference in supporting community forestry-citizens, community advocates, and decision-makers. These groups can generate support for tree planting, tree care, and educational programs to ensure that community forests are as healthy and diverse as possible and provide continued benefits for future generations.

Community Trees: A Living Investment includes a 2-minute video feature, 6-minute video, and 20-minute video that are each designed for a specific audience:

  • The 2-minute video feature helps decision-makers understand the economic, human health, and environmental benefits of community trees so they can use this information to make a valid argument for supporting tree care programs.
  • The 6-minute video targets community tree advocates to expand their depth of understanding about how trees impact property values, save energy, and make communities more livable. It emphasizes that these benefits are greatest in communities that manage their trees.
  • General audiences and students will gain a new understanding of how trees improve our lives from the 20-minute video. Scientists and foresters explain the diverse services trees provide. Citizens speak on a more personal level about how trees have improved their lives and livelihood. The video ends with a discussion about proper tree selection and care, and provides important steps on how to get involved in community forestry.

For more information on the DVD, please contact Donna Murphy via e-mail at

Also, a webcast featuring the Tree Owner’s Manual is scheduled for Tuesday, May 19, 2009 at 11:00 AM.  Please visit for more information on the session.

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