i-Tree Roundtable January 18, 2018 Discussion Log

i-Tree Roundtable January 18, 2018 Discussion Log
12:56:21     From catfal to All panelists : Catherine from Edmonton AB, Canada is here also
12:56:31          From Naomi Zurcher : Hi from Schweiz Dave and Dave.
12:56:34          From KristaH to All panelists : Also since only Hosts can write Q&A answers
12:57:34          From mckramar to All panelists : HI Dave, etc!
12:59:08          [...]

i-Tree Online Roundtable Session – Looking Toward Tomorrow

Thursday, January 18, 2018
1:00 PM (Eastern)
i-Tree Online Roundtable: Looking Toward Tomorrow
Please join us for this upcoming i-Tree Roundtable with the i-Tree Team Development Team, and other partners. This session will provide an opportunity to see what is on tap for upcoming enhancements to the software tools, but more importantly, to get your feedback on what [...]

i-Tree Online Workshop: The Ins & Outs of Inventories

Please join us for the December 2017 i-Tree Web Learning Session
Thursday, December 14 2017
1:00 PM (Eastern)
The Ins & Outs of Inventories: What To Know When Using i-Tree To Conduct Your Tree Survey
Many communities with limited resources turn to i-Tree for traditional street and park tree inventories. i-Tree applications, including i-Tree Eco and the original i-Tree [...]

i-Tree Database Web Workshop Replays Available for Replay

i-Tree Database, which is an online system designed for users to submit properly formatted pollution and weather data, location information, new species information, and other requirements needed for the i-Tree Eco model to process in a new, previously unsupported study area.
In the September and November 2017 i-Tree Web Workshop Series, the Database application was introduced in [...]

i-Tree Online Workshop: Using the i-Tree Database: Part 2

Please join us for the September  i-Tree Web Learning Session
Thursday, November 2, 2017
1:00 PM (Eastern)
i-Tree Online Workshop: Using the i-Tree Database: Part 2
Join us for this session that will continue to introduce the latest i-Tree tool: Database.  Database provides a central submission site for new data that users develop while completing their own i-Tree studies. Submitted [...]

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